The ChanGin

The secret of ChanGin'

The origin of the ChanGin'

It had to be different. From the desire for adventure, the ‘Brabanders’ and life artists Thom and Gijs sought to collaborate with the best distillers. ChanGin’ was an almost logical result. Full of surprise, taste and color, it is the crowning glory of every moment!

The best ingredients

By combining the best ingredients, we have managed to give our Gin its distinctive flavour. For six months, we conducted test after test, allowing only the best ingredients access to our Gin. We are proud to say that this is our ultimate gin that we envision. 

Unique experience with butterfly pea

‘ChanGin’ is a floral gin with body and a mild finish. The ingredient butterfly pea is responsible for the color change and gives this gin its unique and spirited character. 

Experience the taste and more

Our search has led to a unique product. It’s our combination of the best ingredients, the most delicious taste and the extra experience in the glass, that must ensure that you also get convinced of The ChanGin’. Experience and let yourself be surprised!